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Our DIA service is for companies of all sizes who are looking for high performance and reliable internet connection.

This solution offers cost effective high performance, enterprise-class dedicated bandwidth, scalable from 10Mbps to 10Gbps and is ideal of any entity that needs to move large volumes of data.

We offer a resilient and flexible service by using multiple IP Transit providers.

We offer the highest level of resilience and the local expertise to ensure that you get a market-leading service at a competitive price.


  • Diverse, multi-route IP Transit service.
  • Reduced latency for local traffic using Swiftcall.
  • A significant number of high speed peering arrangements providing customers with local, regional and global connectivity to Internet destinations for world-class business performance.
  • End to end solutions comprising data centre hosting and network connectivity - providing the economy, transparency, quality and efficiency associated with having a single supplier end to end, that is underpinned by a single SLA and uses Industry leading ISO20000 accredited service management that is unique in the Irish marketplace.